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Wayanad derives its name from the Malayalam, Wayal Nadu, meaning Land of (Paddy) Fields. It is one of the greenest districts of Kerala, with around 30% of the land covered by evergreen reserve forests. A place where you are close to nature, where you can breathe fresh, cool oxygen rich air, and walk in shady glades. Where the atmosphere is one of peace and relaxation. It is also one of the rarest of places where more than twenty ancient varieties of traditionally cultivated rice are grown by a handful of organic farmers. So also, a large number of tuber crops and vegetables which have disappeared almost entirely from the dining tables of modern society are still being conserved and grown to a small extent. There are many places of exquisite natural beauty, and also of historic importance, to visit. There are many delicious, authentic, traditional dishes to enjoy, and nostalgic memories to take home with you!

Places to See

These are some of the more interesting places you should see when you visit us!

Edakkal Caves

Banasura Sagar Dam

Iruppu Falls

Chembra Peak

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary


Pookode Lake

Tomb of Pazhassi Raja

Soochipara Falls

Phantom Rock

Pookode Lake

Meenmutty Falls

Thirunelli Temple

Kuruva Island

Gurukulam Botanical Garden