Sharanyam Homestay

Once here, you're family!

Away from the din and bustle, the heat and pollution of the city, nestled in the cool green bower of the Western Ghats, Sharanyam Homestay welcomes you! Come, enjoy the warmth of family hospitality, eat delicious homely food, drink pure mountain water, breathe in the cool fresh air, and stroll in the beautiful, pristine countryside! Stay in comfortable, cozy rooms, in an orchard full of fruits! Your home away from home!


Much of the village of Thavinhal is interspersed with evergreen forests. A plethora of beautiful and varied feathered friends are constant visitors at Sharanyam. With plenty of vantage points from both the buildings as well as the gardens and fields, Sharanyam homestay is the ideal place to stay for ardent birdwatchers. Do remember to pack your camera or binoculars when you visit!


Nestled on a beautiful windy hillside amongst the blue mountains of the Western Ghats, Sharanyam Homestay presents you magnificent views of verdant fields and thickly wooded hills, and of our jackfruit orchard on one side and the Brahmagiri mountain peaks on the other. Mornings are often misty while cool winds caress you all through the day. As the beauty and calmness of nature here steals over your heart, you find yourself forgetting your troubles and relax in restful peace and joy. The evenings very often conjure forth spectacular sunsets which you can enjoy sitting on one of the stone benches on the terrace.

A Wonderful Orchard

Strolling through our orchard, you are welcomed by a large variety of both native and exotic fruit trees, heavy with all sorts of fruits in season, each with its own unique taste and flavor. No chemical pesticide or fertilizer is ever used at Sharanyam! The fruits taste absolutely out of this world!

Verdant Fields

In our fields are grown pure organic vegetables through integrated nature farming. Much of your food served at Sharanyam is sourced from our own fields and gardens. This ensures not just tox-free food, but super tasty vegan or vegetarian dishes as well! Hike in the cool fresh mountain air with the birds and the butterflies, the wildflowers and the bees, dip your feet in the cold mountain streamlet, enjoy yourself like a child again!

Delicious Food

Staying with us at Sharanyam also means having the opportunity to dine on healthy, delicious, authentic, vegetarian/vegan, traditional Kerala and Konkani cuisines, freshly prepared with consideration to your taste and preferences, including special dietary requirements if any. Breakfast, tea/coffee and snacks are absolutely free!

Spacious COMFY Rooms

Sharanyam Homestay has four beautiful, comfortable and spacious rooms with all necessary amenities, en-suite bathrooms, complimentary toiletries, a large common living room, a huge outdoor dining area, open terrace and private and shared balconies. Privacy and comfort make it ideal for family get-togethers.

And Caring Hosts

Your hosts Giridhar and Girija live with their children on the ground floor and are ever happy to take care of you as family! Feel free to talk with us about your requirements or to unburden yourselves at any time.

Our Rooms



Two adults + one child, king bed, large private balcony with beautiful views of lush green orchards, en suite bathroom, breakfast included.



Two adults + one child, king bed, private balcony with breathtaking views of lush green orchards and misty mountains, en suite bathroom, breakfast included.



Four adults + two children, king bed + double bed, private balcony with amazing views of lush green orchard on one side and misty mountains on the other, en suite bathroom, breakfast included.



Four adults + two children, king bed + double bed, en suite bathroom, breakfast included.

Get in Touch

If you wish to ask us anything at all, or to simply chat, please feel free to call, email, or just drop by!

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