We Love It Here, So Will You!

Our Story

We aren’t boasting when we say that hospitality is ingrained in our being. Honestly, boasting isn’t, and hospitality is! My dear wife Girija and I, beside being ardent lovers of nature and of gardening, love one thing even more. It’s to feed people! To cook mouthwatering, wholesome dishes for our guests, and to watch their happy faces as they enjoy, is unlike any other happiness to the both of us.

I grew up in the din and bustle of the coastal town of Thalassery in Kerala, and Girija, in the teeming city of Kozhikode (Calicut). After many years of a happy married life at Thalassery, and two children later, we found ourselves having to move from my hometown to the pristine mountains of Wayanad.

We built a house on a beautiful hillside at Thavinhal, a tiny little country town near Mananthavady.

Whenever we went up on the terrace to enjoy the glorious sunsets in the evenings, we would think of adding a floor to the house for a homestay, where the guests would be able to enjoy the beautiful bounty of nature, together with the bounteous repasts from Girija’s kitchen.

On 18th July 2018, the first stone was laid for the construction and the work progressed quickly through the monsoon. Workers from all over India, employed by different contractors (masonry, RCC, wood work, electricals and plumbing, welding, painting, etc.) came together to build and to beautify. Needless to say, they worked quite happily because we made sure that none of them went hungry, even though providing their food was not part of the contract.

The work was finished months before the due date, and you can feel the happy vibrations of the workers in every corner of the building. We did not engage any interior decorators, but simply had the furniture made onsite with a view to give you maximum comfort and a homely feeling.

When you come here, we are sure that you will enjoy being with us and we look forward to take excellent care of you!